How to prepare white rice with carrots

How to prepare white rice with chicken

Chicken Rice Meal 

There are many ways to prepare rice with chicken according to the taste and desire of the housewife and her family members. Where the chicken can be placed whole or cut into small pieces and mixed with rice. Chicken rice is rich in many beneficial elements for the body, so we will talk about how to prepare it.

Preparing white rice with chicken 

The ingredients Two cups of white short-grain rice. A quarter cup of obesity. Four cardamom pods, true love. Four grains of mastic. Small spoon of salt. A quarter of a teaspoon of ground cardamom. A quarter of a teaspoon of saffron. A quarter of a teaspoon of ground black pepper. A quarter of a teaspoon of ground cumin. Add salt to taste. A tablespoon of chicken spices. A quarter cup of pine nuts. 

Preparation Method 

Wash the rice well with cold water, then soak it in a quantity of lukewarm water for at least an hour. Wash the chicken well, and you can soak it in olive oil and vinegar for five minutes, then wash it and leave it aside until it drains from the water. Put the cooking pot on a low heat, then put the ghee to heat a little, and add the mastic grains and chicken pieces, stir the chicken and leave it until it becomes tender and golden. Add a quantity of hot boiled water, then add the cardamom grains and salt and cover the bowl, then leave it for an hour until it becomes tender. After the hour has passed, remove the bowl from the heat, drain the chicken, and place it on the tray. 

Wash the rice well with cold water, drain it, then put it in a cooking bowl, and immerse it in chicken broth after filtering it, and leave it on the stove until it is cooked, and whenever you need water, add the prepared broth to it. Mix the spices with salt and pepper in a deep bowl, and sprinkle a little water. Cut the chicken into small pieces, then mix it with the marinade mixture, then fry it with hot oil. Fry the pine nuts and almonds, and refuse them from the oil. After the rice is done, mix the chicken pieces with it, then put it in a serving bowl, and decorate it with almonds and pine nuts. 

Prepare rice with chicken and raisins Ingredients A whole chicken, weighing a kilogram, cut into six or eight pieces, as desired. Onion, medium sized, cut into wings. A cup of long or medium-grain rice, soaked in warm water. A piece of bay leaf. A quarter cup of raisins. One tablespoon of tomato paste, half a teaspoon of vinegar. Pinch of salt. Pinch of black pepper. Pinch of ground cardamom. A pinch of turmeric. 

Pinch of cumin. Sprinkle with saffron. A pinch of cinnamon. 

Method of preparation 

Wash the chicken well, then set it aside until drained from the water. Mix the ingredients of the marinade well, then brush the whole chicken with it, and put it in the refrigerator until seasoned for an hour. Bring the roasting bag and put the chicken in it, then put it in the oven at 180 degrees for an hour. Bring a bowl and put the oil in it, and after it is heated, put the onion slices and leave them until browned, then add the raisins and stir them together, then remove them from the heat and leave them aside. 

Put the soaked rice after washing and filtering it from the water in a cooking bowl, add water, hot pepper, a little oil and whole spices, and leave it until it is cooked, then add the raisins, onions, a little turmeric, and cumin, and close the pot for a quarter of an hour. Pour the rice into a serving dish, and place the chicken on top.