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How to make Pakistani noodles cake

Noodles are desserts of all kinds of foods that are loved by all people, they are delicious, varied shapes and flavors, and there are many types of sweets that the housewife can prepare easily and with less effort at home, and simple components also, and these desserts are Pakistani noodles with chocolate, and Pakistani noodles It is clear from the names mentioned that vermicelli is the main ingredient of these two delicious recipes, and below we show how to prepare both Pakistani noodles cake and Pakistani noodles in two simple ways.

Pakistani noodles cake
Preparation time 90 minutes Quantity 5 people Easy ingredients A glass of flour. A tablespoon of baking powder. One hundred grams of cream cheese. Four eggs. A teaspoon of vanilla. Three quarters of a cup of white sugar. Three quarters of a cup of vegetable oil. A glass of noodles. Condensed milk, for serving.

How to prepare
Put the cream cheese in a bowl, and rub it a little until it becomes soft in texture, then add vanilla, eggs, vegetable oil, and white sugar, and mix the ingredients together. Add flour to the mixture gradually, and continue mixing after each addition. Add baking powder and mix with other ingredients. Grease a mold with a small amount of butter, then pour the mixture inside. Spread the vermicelli evenly over the face of the mold. Put the cake pan in an oven that you previously preheated to medium heat, and bake it for an hour or until it is tender. Pour sweetened condensed milk on the face of the cake mold, and you can replace the condensed milk with toffee sauce or caramel sauce, and to give the cake face a beautiful golden color; You can roast the cake face for 5 minutes in the top grill of the oven, then it is ready to serve.

Pakistani noodles with chocolate
Preparation time 60 minutes Quantity 5 people Plain Ingredients Two boxes of noodles. Four teaspoons of butter. A box of sweetened condensed milk. Fat chocolate, as desired.

How to prepare two noodles, put them in a medium bowl. Add the butter to the vermicelli, then mix them together to make a good mixture. Put a frying pan on the fire, and pour the vermicelli mixture into it, then stir the ingredients for about eight minutes until they roast. Turn off the heat, spread the vermicelli mixture in a dish, then set it aside to cool, add the condensed milk to the vermicelli, then stir the ingredients together until they are smooth, then put the dish in the fridge for about half an hour, until the mixture freezes. Hold a small amount of capillary mixture, and make a small ball of it, put it in a dish, and so on until you have finished the amount of the mixture. Put the vermicelli tray in the refrigerator for an hour until the balls have frozen. Decorate each ball of chocolate noodles, so that the chocolate noodles are ready to serve.

How to make vermicelli with nuts Ingredients:
Two hundred and fifty grams of vermicelli. Twenty five grams of powdered sugar. Half a cup of sweetened condensed milk. Half a teaspoon of saffron marinated with two teaspoons of boiled milk. Four grains of cardamom. Two teaspoons of ghee. Serving ingredients: One hundred grams of almonds. One hundred grams of pistachios. One hundred grams of cashew nuts. One hundred grams of raisins.

How to prepare:
Put the ghee over medium heat until it gets hot. Add cardamom and crumbled vermicelli, stirring. Pour intense milk and milk, while continuing to stir. Add sugar, stirring occasionally, to get a thick mixture. Add saffron, and stir again. Pour the resulting mixture into serving cups, and decorate with nuts.