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How to make homemade cookies

Cookie Cake
A cookie cake is one of the desserts of the desserts loved by young and old alike, due to its sweet taste and coherent texture, which is a medium between the freshness and spongy of the regular cake and between the crunch of cookies, and this dish can be made without any additions as it is or can be done with adding chips Small chocolate or some kind of nuts and nuts, and it can also be decorated with regular whipped cream, chocolate pudding, or other.

Two cup cake ingredients of wheat flour "flour". Cup and a quarter of butter, or the equivalent of two and a half fingers. A cup of brown sugar, or you can use normal white sugar. Three teaspoons of liquid vanilla. Two cups of crushed fine white sugar. A quarter cup of cocoa in the form of powder. Two tablespoons of liquid cream. One egg. Egg yolk. Two teaspoons of cornstarch. A teaspoon of baking soda "baking soda". Two sprinkles of salt. One and a half cups of small chocolate chips, and you can use any type of chocolate chips you prefer, either sweetened or semi-sweetened chocolate chips, milk chocolate chips, caramel or others.

How to make a cookie cake
Take the butter out of the refrigerator twenty to thirty minutes before preparing, so that the butter is soft and at room temperature and is easy to mix with other ingredients. Turn on the oven at 180 ° C until it is hot when the cake pan is placed in it. Add a cup of brown sugar and three quarters of a cup of soft butter, to a large bowl and blend them well for two or three minutes until they are homogeneous together and the mixture is soft in consistency, using the electric cake mixer. Add the egg, the egg yolk, and two tablespoons of liquid vanilla, to the large bowl, and beat for four to five minutes until the air enters the mixture.

Put the flour, cornstarch, baking soda, a pinch of salt in another bowl, and mix the ingredients together well. Add the dry flour mixture to the first bowl gradually and in batches, stirring continuously while adding. Add small chocolate chips to the large bowl, and gently stir the dough until the chips come into the dough. Put the coherent cake dough in a tray for the oven, then put the tray in the hot oven for ten to fifteen minutes, then take it out and cover it with tin foil, then return it to the oven for another ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the size of the tray and thus the thickness of the dough. Make sure that the tray is completely cooled before trying to remove the cake from it so that it does not crumble or stick to the bottom and sides of the tray. Put the fine ground sugar and cocoa powder in a bowl, and remove the ingredients by passing them through a sieve (sieve) with small holes, until they get rid of any lumps.

Put the rest of the amount of butter in a small bowl and blend it well for a minute or two, until it becomes light and smooth and then add it to the first large container that contains sugar and cocoa, mix them well for two minutes and then add the liquid cream, and the rest of the amount of liquid vanilla and stir the mixture well for a few minutes until it sticks, If you want it to be more soft, add a few teaspoons of milk or liquid cream. Cover the bowl and put it in the refrigerator for at least ten minutes before you decorate the cake face. Serve with a cup of coffee, or a cup of tea, or any beverage you prefer, whether hot or cold.

Cake Decorating Creamy White Cookies Five cups of sugar. Three grains of egg white. A teaspoon of lemon juice. How to prepare Mix sugar, egg whites and lemon juice together in an electric mixer. Put the cream in a bowl, cover it with a piece of fabric, and leave it in the refrigerator for use. Chocolate Pudding Ingredients one cup of sugar. A quarter cup of starch. Two tablespoons of plain cocoa powder. The price for a teaspoon of salt. The price for a teaspoon of cinnamon. Three cups and a quarter of milk. A teaspoon of liquid vanilla. Two hundred grams of chocolate. Two tablespoons of crushed hazelnuts. Two tablespoons of coconut. Two tablespoons of fine pistachio.

How to prepare
Put sugar, vanilla, milk, cinnamon, salt, cocoa and starch in a medium thick pot of base. Begin to stir the milk with a paddle with the rest of the material until the starch dissolves. Keep stirring over low heat until the milk starts to boil. Stop using the net racket, and start using a plastic spoon to catch the pudding for 15-20 minutes, until the mixture is soft and the texture becomes thick and smooth. Add the quantity of chocolate and continue stirring until the chocolate melts. Put the chocolate pudding in the refrigerator for several hours, that is, until it is completely cooled.

The eggs should be at room temperature to avoid clumps in the mixture. The mixture section is preferred over two round tray for making layered cake. You can exchange chocolate chips with M&M.