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How to make sweet porridge dates

Porridge is one of the popular sweets that are presented in many social occasions for many Arab countries, such as: Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, and the types of porridge and ways to prepare them differ from one region to another, there are porridge dates, and another with oats, and a third with pumpkin as a main ingredient. In this article, we will show some recipes for preparing porridge.

Dates porridge Ingredients half a kilogram of pitted dates. Three quarters of a cup of flour. Fifty grams of butter. A quarter of a teaspoon of salt. A quarter of a teaspoon of black pepper seasoning. Three cups of water.

How to prepare
Place the dates in the bowl of the electric mixer, add water to it and then turn it on until the ingredients mix together. Pour the mixture into a bowl, put it on the fire, then add the butter, stirring constantly. Add the flour gradually, and keep stirring. Sprinkle salt and black pepper, and leave the porridge on low heat for about an hour, about a quarter. Pour the porridge into small cups to serve. Oat porridge with raisins. A cup of oats. A quarter cup of black currant, and can be replaced with any type of dried fruit. Teaspoon cinnamon powder. Three tablespoons of maple syrup, sugar or honey, as desired. A glass of liquid milk.

How to prepare:
Put oatmeal, raisins, and cinnamon ground in a pan over a fire, then roast it until it smells. Pour the liquid milk over the oat mixture, and stir the ingredients well, then add honey as well and keep stirring. Leave the mixture on low heat for a quarter of an hour until the oats boil and simmer, and if you notice that the mixture has dried, increase a small amount of milk. Pour the mixture into the serving cups, and decorate her face with an extra amount of honey and nuts. Pumpkin porridge ingredients a fresh pumpkin. A glass of sugar. Spoon of rose water. A stick of cinnamon. Spoonful of butter. A quarter of a tablespoon of saffron. Decking: a tablespoon of pistachios. 1 tablespoon of almonds

How to prepare
Cut the pumpkin and boil it in an appropriate amount of water until it becomes soft. Put the butter in a frying pan, then add boiled pumpkin pieces to it, and stir the ingredients together so that you mash the pumpkin well. Add rose water, ground cinnamon, sugar and stir for ten minutes, then add saffron and stir well. Pour the porridge into a serving dish, and garnish its face with any nuts like pistachios and almonds.