How to prepare white rice with carrots

How to make popular Saudi cuisine

Saudi folk cuisine
Saudi cuisine is characterized by the multiplicity of its recipes and dishes, and is characterized by strong flavors delicious, Saudi folk cuisine is a mixture between the originality of Arab dishes using Indian spices, and Saudi cuisine is famous for its spices and used in preparing many spices, such as saffron, turmeric and colored dyes for rice, cloves, ginger and other mixes Ready spices, this is a recipe from the Saudi folk cuisine.

Marinated meat:
1 kg of veal sliced ​​into medium cubes. One bean (eggplant, zucchini, carrot and capsicum) cut into cubes. Three onions, sliced. Five cloves of crushed garlic. 1 tablespoon of fresh chopped ginger. Two tablets of chopped tomatoes. A piece of chopped green chili. One black perforated black lumé for flavor to come out during cooking. A cup of yogurt. A glass of water. Three tablespoons of tomato paste. Two cubes of meat stock (Maggie). Two teaspoons of mixed spices. A teaspoon of ground cinnamon. Teaspoon of turmeric. Three cups of meat broth.

Ingredients of parboiled dough:
a cup and a half of flour. Three quarters of a cup of water. Three tablespoons of oil. Pinch of salt. How to prepare, put the meat in the pot and put it on the fire, put it a liter of water and let it boil on the fire, for an hour and a half or until it is ripe and then halve the meat from the water and keep the meat broth. We put the onions in a saucepan and roast the onions in addition to crushed garlic with capsicum all spices and blame, in addition to the meat broth cubes and turn it over the heat for 7-10 minutes. We put all the dough ingredients, and start kneading them and then bring the dough broth and spread the dough on the table using dough broth, and then we cut the dough into small circles using a biscuit mold and leave the dough on the table.

We add boiled meat and vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, and carrots) to the onion and stir together for several minutes, after which we add tomato paste, cup of milk and water in addition to the previously saved meat broth, and leave the broth until boiled. After the broth is boiled with meat and vegetables, then we add the sliced ​​dough flakes and carefully stir the mixture when adding them gradually, then we leave the parboiled to a boil over a low heat for forty minutes until the vegetables and the parboiled dough are cooked and we do not forget to check them from time to time, and as soon as the prunes are cooked Serve hot with white rice to suit all stews.