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How to make Emirati porridge

Emirati porridge
The porridge is one of the popular sweets or dishes popular in many Arab countries. It even occupies a special place in special events and family meetings, and is presented in the celebration of the Prophet’s Birthday and Newborn’s Week.

It is also considered as a main integrated meal in some eastern countries such as Sudan, Yemen, and the UAE, and the components of the porridge and the way to prepare them vary according to the country you attend, there is a porridge prepared with millet flour and another with white flour, and in Tunisia and Libya it is made from wheat flour that is cooked with water, and is served In the form of a hemisphere and is eaten by hand, and some add molasses or honey to it, and we will present to you in this article the way the Emirati porridge works.

How to make Emirati porridge Ingredients A cup of white or brown flour. Two cups of sugar. Spoonful of saffron. Teaspoon of turmeric. Teaspoon of Nigella sativa. A cup of corn oil. How to prepare, put the flour in a saucepan, then put it on the fire, and fry it well, then remove it from the fire and sift it. Bring another pot, then put the sugar in it, and fry it until it completely dissolves, then add the water to it quietly, and let it boil with sugar. Add turmeric, saffron, nigella seeds, and oil to the sugar and water mixture, then stir them together until they mix well. Slowly add the flour to the mixture over the sugar and water mixture, and stir the mixture quickly, and when the flour absorbs the water completely, add the oil to the mixture and leave it for five to ten minutes. Pour the porridge into a special dish, set it aside to cool and knit, then serve it to eat.

How to make porridge with dates molasses Ingredients four tablespoons of white flour. Two tablespoons of sugar. Two tablespoons of date molasses. Half a teaspoon of black pepper. Half a teaspoon of ginger powder. A teaspoon of fine cardamom. Three quarters of a cup of hot water. Tablespoon of butter.

How to prepare, put the flour in a saucepan, then put it on the fire and fry it with a wooden spoon, until it changes color to the blond, then we remove it from the fire. Melt molasses in hot water, and add both pepper, ginger, and cardamom. We add water to the flour, then stir quickly so that it does not lump and become homogeneous. Leave it on low heat for fifteen minutes, then add a spoon of butter, and stir the ingredients well, until they mix together.

Roast the flour with sugar, and stir them with a wooden spoon until the flour changes color to blond, and keep it away from the heat a little. Pour the mixture into a bowl, then level the surface of the mixture with a large flat spoon, make a small hole in the middle, put a spoonful of obese or melted butter, and then sprinkle the face with a little black pepper.