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How to make Biryani chicken step by step

Chicken Biryani
Preparation Time Forty-five minutes Cooking time Six minutes is enough for six people.

Chicken ingredients cut into eight pieces. Large onion, cut into wings. Five cloves of crushed garlic. Tablespoon of mashed ginger. A bundle of chopped mint and coriander chopped. A carton of yogurt. Chopsticks from cinnamon. Three grains of cardamom. Two cloves. Two teaspoons of cumin beans and powdered curry. One piece of chopped tomato. A century of hot pepper. A teaspoon of chicken seasoning. Half a teaspoon of coriander and cumin. Black pepper. Four cups of boiled rice. Two onions, cut into wings and fried.

How to prepare, put the oil and obesity in a saucepan over the fire, then roast the right spices in the pot. Add the chopped onion to wings, stir until tender, add garlic and ginger, and stir the ingredients together. Add chicken pieces, then add: spices, pepper, half the amount of mint, half the amount of coriander, yogurt and a little fried onion. Stir all ingredients well, and leave them on low heat until chicken is done. Put half of the boiled rice in a large pot, then sprinkle a little curry, and put: chicken mixture, a little mint, a little coriander and a little fried onion, and cover the ingredients with the remaining half of the rice. Sprinkle a little curry and put saffron marinated on the side of the rice. Add the remainder of each of: mint, coriander and onion wings. Cover the pan with aluminum foil, and leave it on very low heat for twenty minutes.

Biryani Chicken with vegetables
Duration of preparation of the number of people Sufficient number of the prepared recipe The time of cooking the recipe Method of cooking Twenty minutes Four people Sixty minutes Boil the ingredients Basmati rice. Chicken breasts cut into cubes. A cup of French fries. Half a cup of boiled peas. Half a cup of boiled carrots. Five onions, sliced. Two cubes of broth. Chopsticks from cinnamon. Laura's two papers. Cashew nuts, ground almonds. Two tablespoons of each: tomato sauce, green coriander, yogurt. Tablespoon of curry powder. 1 teaspoon of each of: spices, grahamala, saffron, turmeric. anise. black pepper. salt. Water. oil.

How to prepare, put the oil in a bowl over the fire. Add laura, cinnamon and gravy, and stir ingredients. Add rice, boiling water, black pepper and salt, and stir the rice well. Add saffron, stir, and leave the ingredients until rice is cooked. Put the oil in another bowl over the fire, then put the onions, and smear them until golden. Take the onions out of the oil, put chicken and yogurt, tomato sauce, gravy cube, gramramala, anise, turmeric, curry, black pepper and salt in place. Add a little water, then add carrots, peas, ground almonds and a portion of onion, and leave the ingredients until they are wet. Add the potatoes, and a section of green coriander, after the chicken is cooked. Put the rice on a serving plate, then put the chicken on top. Distribute the remaining green coriander and onions on top, and decorate with cashews.

Mutton Biryani
Preparation Duration: 30 minutes. Duration: 30 minutes. Sufficient for two persons. Spice ingredients: Raytha: Two tablespoons of vegetable oil. 1 tablespoon of chopped garlic and cumin seeds. Five hundred grams of yogurt. Half a tablespoon of ground coriander and chicken king spices. Ingredients of mutton biryani: two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Onion, sliced. Two hundred and fifty grams of mutton cubes. Half a tablespoon of turmeric. Ground coriander. Garlic paste with ginger. Chili paste. A quarter of a tablespoon of salt. A tablespoon of yogurt. A cup of long-grain rice. A stick of cinnamon. A stick of mint. Two tablets of cardamom. For garnish: sliced ​​coriander.

How to prepare
Bahari Raytha's preparation: Heat the oil in a saucepan, put it on the fire, add garlic and cumin, and brown the garlic until golden. Put: yogurt, ground coriander and spices in a bowl, and stir the mixture well. Pour the yogurt mixture over the garlic, stir well, then sprinkle some sliced ​​coriander. Prepare lamb biryani: heat two tablespoons of oil in a clay pot over the fire, and add: garlic, ginger, chili, salt, onion slices, cardamom, meat, turmeric, ground coriander, tomato paste and cinnamon, stir all ingredients together, and cook them for a while Twenty five minutes. Add a spoonful of yogurt, and stir well with the mixture. Add rice to the pot over the meat mixture, and place the mint stick on top of it. Close the pot well with aluminum foil, and put it in the oven for five minutes.