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How to cook Saudi groats step by step

Saudi Groats 
Saudi Groats is one of the traditional cooks that have been known since ancient times in the Arabian Gulf, and which people are used to serving in banquets, and it is a very useful food, and it contains many vitamins and nutrients important to the body. The groats prepare many ways and recipes that we will look at in this article.

Preparation of the Saudi groats Ingredients 2 cups of jarish. Three cups of yogurt. 1 onion, chopped. Chicken breast cut into small medium cubes. Two tablespoons of butter. Water as needed. Hot pepper as needed. A tablespoon of lemon juice. Black pepper to taste. Salt half a teaspoon of cumin. How to prepare, put the butter in a deep saucepan over medium heat. Add the onion to the butter after it melts, then fry it well until it becomes soft and golden in color. 

Add chicken and groats to the pot, then turn the ingredients together for five minutes, then pour the water over them until they are completely covered, and leave them for an hour and a half over medium heat; Until fully cooked. Add yogurt, lemon juice, cumin, salt, and hot pepper, then stir the ingredients together well. Cover the saucepan tightly, then leave the ingredients again under low heat for fifteen minutes until they mature and intensify. Remove the pot from the heat, then pour the cereal in a serving dish. Cereal Soup Ingredients: 1 cup of cereal, soaked in water for an hour. Cubes of chicken broth. Onion, finely chopped. A clove of garlic is mashed. A teaspoon of cumin. Tablespoon of butter. Salt, to taste. 

Black pepper to taste. Two tablespoons of tomato paste. 1 tomato, chopped. Liters of water. How to prepare Heat the butter in a deep saucepan, then raise heat over medium heat, and add the onions and garlic. Stir the onions and garlic well until withered, then add the chicken broth, cumin, salt, pepper, and tomato sauce, and leave the ingredients to boil for no more than five minutes. Add chopped tomatoes and marinade, then cover the ingredients and leave the soup until it boils. Reduce the heat under the pot, after the soup boils, then leave it for forty-five minutes until it is completely done. Pour the groats soup into a deep dish. You can serve the girish soup dish over the suhoor meal in the blessed month of Ramadan, and the chicken breast can be replaced with small pieces of Ras Al-Asfoor meat in preparing the Saudi groats.