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How to Treat overheated cats

Treating a cat's fever is possible.
A cat's fever can be treated with the following:
Taking some measures and home remedies in cold cases to reduce cat fever, for example making sure the cat is drinking water, because drought is usually The most important symptoms of fever in cats, and if the cat refuses to drink water, an oral syringe can be used to make it drink. Encourage the cat to eat because the fever reduces its appetite, and for this reason malnutrition should be avoided by providing food for the cat to meet its nutritional needs, and it is preferable to provide wet food.

Place the cat in a warm and moisture-free place, to provide the cat with comfort and promote a fresh feeling. Using cold compresses, by moistening a cloth with cold water and putting it on the cat's forehead for a few minutes and then removing it, and repeating the process on the legs and abdomen, and the compresses can also be used twice a day.

Consult a veterinarian if the fever is accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea, in order to provide a suitable diet during this period. Overheating of cats: The normal body temperature for cats is estimated at 38.06 - 39.17 ° C. On hot days, the temperature of cats can reach 39.72 ° C, but if the temperature rises to 40 ° C or more, you may have a fever.

Measuring the cat's temperature. It is possible to know whether or not the cat has a high temperature by measuring its temperature, and this can be done through the use of a digital thermometer or an ordinary thermometer, by working to distract the cat, then enter Balance the anus and leave it for three minutes, then remove it and read the temperature Rh, and if the temperature was higher than 39.44 degrees Celsius he is infected with a fever, and therefore requires take it to your veterinarian.


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