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How long do cats carry

A cat or cat is considered one of the animals belonging to the group of mammals, and it is a feline species that also includes tigers, leopards and other wild predators, and it is considered the smallest type of this species in terms of size. Pet cats are characterized by strong, agile and flexible bodies, and they have long tails that help them to balance while walking and jumping around rugged places. They also have sharp teeth and folding claws that allow them to hunt many small creatures, such as birds, lizards, and rodents from mice and rats. Man domesticated the cat for the first time about seven thousand years ago, and since then the cats have adapted to the human lifestyle and have become essential to human culture and human cities.

Duration of pregnancy Cats The period of pregnancy in cats ranges from 52 to 52 69 days, and the average sixty-three days, that is, two and three days, or about nine to ten weeks, where the female cat after this pregnancy period gives birth to a group of kittens, the number of which may vary from three to five in most cases, usually The number of puppies that the cat first puts on is less than one S next pregnancy. Little cats are weaned - they stop breastfeeding - after they are about two months old, or between six to seven weeks, and become adult - fully developed - five to seven months after their birth, knowing that this period may differ significantly between strains Cats.

It is advised for someone who owns a cat that raises them in the house to take care of them well, and to provide them with a good place to give birth, and the best that can be provided to them is a dark, clean and safe box, and it is preferable that they are out of sight of curious people (subject to a isolated spot), Therefore it is advised to provide a place for the female cat to give birth in, and from It can be placed in a bed of clean cotton to provide greater comfort for the cat, as it should not be a place for the cat to get out of it, so that the cat is not forced to jump over its children, and it is preferable for its box to accommodate the little ones it will put on.

Description Cat
Cats possess high skills in hunting and predation, as they approach in this skill their relatives of large size felines such as tiger and birr, but their hunting is limited to small animals such as rodents and birds, and they live in harmony with humans. Typically, a cat weighs between two to four kilograms, and rarely up to ten kilograms if it is overrated unhealthily. An adult cat at the shoulder is about 20 centimeters or more, unlike most animals that belong to the group of mammals. The cat depends on the style of its gait to move each side of its body together, so when the cat goes forward it presents its left rear leg with the left front, or the right front forehead with the right rear, and this makes it appear as if it is slipping during the walk. The cat's five toes end with sharp claws, and these animals are famous for their ability to fold and straighten their claws. In normal conditions, claws bury beneath the skin by the action of a group of elastic muscles, and when the cat needs to use the claw pull a muscle like a tendon and raise the claw from the skin and go out .

In cats it is well known that the process of marriage for cats occurs by desire, and that there are certain signs for cats that want to marry; they sleep on their stomachs on the ground and begin to wipe their body on the ground, and the mating season in cats is usually at certain times, such as February and January And the month of February and March, and July. Cats usually mate during certain periods of the year known as the period of erotica, in which the male and female genital desire increases, and it is repeated several times throughout the year, and it continues in each of them from three days to two weeks, if the female did not have the opportunity to mate during that period.

The following eroticism will come in a short period. When the pregnancy begins, the cat searches for a calm spot, away from the noise and effects, and after the end of the pregnancy period, a number of newborns, usually ranging from three to five, are born, and in most cases the birth proceeds normally (although it may sometimes need a veterinary intervention), Young cats receive their mother's care for about two and a half months, and then they start to depend on themselves.

Cat food is a naturally carnivorous animal that loves to feed on the flesh of other creatures of any kind, in fact, domestic and domestic cats are attracted to the raw meat of any animal (such as cows, wa For sheep, birds and others) are similar to wild cats, but on the other hand, cats also enjoy cooked food and are welcome to eat many dishes served as long as they contain a lot of meat. These animals are opportunistic in terms of food, so wild cats themselves accept to eat from human food.

Cats tend to eat tuna meat and fish of all kinds, and until the cat is fed regularly, it is advisable to provide food to it from three to five times during the day in quantities that suit the size and needs of the cat, and such food can be replaced by ready-made cat food available in the market easily and with brands and brands Many commercial. It is also necessary to provide some water and a little milk to the cat on a regular basis, because of his need for fluids.


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How to clean young kittens

Cleaning with wet cloth
The small cat can be cleaned by wiping it with a piece of wet cloth, focusing on the head, back, and rear area, which are difficult places for the cat to reach when cleaning himself, and this is according to the following steps:

Moisten a soft cloth with lukewarm water, with the possibility of adding a little pet shampoo to the piece of cloth if the cat is very dirty. Rub the cat's back towards the fur and not reverse it, in order to avoid irritating the cat's body, while stopping rubbing when the cat feels afraid or anxious, and trying to speak to him in a calm voice to reassure him and be able to complete the cleaning.

Clean the face and front feet, then the back and abdomen, and finish with the back parts of the cat, while avoiding cleaning the eyes, ears and nose, and focusing on the area under the tail. Dry the cat with a dry cloth. Small cat bathing The cat bath procedure is by following a set of steps, which are as follows:

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Cats are among the pets that are easy to raise in homes, by providing them with all the necessary needs of food, housing, toiletries, vaccinations, and tools for playing. Cats are also distinguished by their intelligence, ease of education, and habituation to many habits. Cats differ from each other from In terms of type, some of them are different in shape, color of the eyes, and the rest of the facial features. They can also be used by getting rid of insects in homes and some rodents, such as mice.

Signs of puberty in cats The stage of puberty is one of the stages that the cat passes, which begins at the age of 6 months, but it varies from one cat to another depending on the length of the hair, and the desire for marriage to increase in this period increases, and among the signs of puberty in the male is increased urination. With a strong smell to attract females, try to escape, and increase anxiety, while the signs of puberty in females begin with two cycles, as follows:

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