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5 Signs of a kitten approaching birth

Cats are among the pets that fall under the feline family, where they are distinguished by their intelligence and their tendency to entertain, play and interact with humans, as they depend heavily on themselves, which prompted many people to acquire them, and cats differ from each other in terms of color and shape, for some have colored eyes, and these depend Animals feed on insects, and some types of rodents, such as mice and canned meat.

Signs of a kitten approaching increased anxiety several days before birth. Move her excess in place. Increase cat licking on its own, especially the nipple and genital area. Losing her appetite for food. Her body temperature decreased 24 hours before giving birth. He took the cat to put defecation, but it does not defecate.

The stages of the cat's birth The prenatal stage is the stage of contractions where expansion of the pelvic tendons and cervix to increase the expansion of the pelvic area, and to facilitate the process of birth, as contractions of the muscles of the uterus occur, and then the birth begins after an hour of contractions of the cat's cyst, and in others it lasts for 12 hours until Birth takes place, and this stage is characterized by an increase in the rate of breathing and an increase in anxiety, which leads the veterinarian to use sedatives in some cases.

The stage of childbirth The cat sits on its chest and then extends its feet to the front, and contractions of the uterus increase, which leads to the birth of the first cat and pushing it out, and if the first cat continues to go out for more than ten minutes, the cat must be helped by pulling the newborn, then the mother cat begins to lick its young in order to remove the membranes Mucous, dry and cut the umbilical cord, as well as massage the body of her young to stimulate and facilitate the process of breathing.

The stage of the placenta, the mother cat may take the placenta, and this does not cause any harm to it, as it contains hormones and many nutrients beneficial to it, and eating the placenta is one of the instincts where cats seek to clean the place of birth. The problems of the birth of the cats are the troubled mother and irritable mood, where some cats become very nervous after birth, which leads them to the inability to perform their tasks after birth, such as removing the mucous membrane, which requires the nanny to enter by using a dry towel to dry the body of the newborn to protect it from catching a cold.

Retention of the placenta, which leads to uterine infections, so the nanny should be careful to monitor the placenta’s fall. The pelvic cavity is narrowed to the female, which leads to the difficulty of childbirth, and the resort to caesarean section. The umbilical cord bleeding of young cats as a result of the mother cutting the umbilical cord, in which case the umbilical cord of the young should be tied by sterile thread.

Young cats are unable to breathe due to the mother not removing the mucous membranes, so the nanny should remove it from around the nose, mouth, and head. Abortion. Early labor, as a result of the presence of microbes in the womb. Fetal death in the womb, or deformed fetuses Uterine rupture as a result of a prenatal accident.

Vaginal bleeding after childbirth, it may indicate the presence of infections or other problems. Small cat syndrome, such as giving birth to cats with a lower weight than normal, difficulty feeding or not being able to breastfeed. The cat refused to give birth.


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